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Café & Restaurant

Eight Café and Restaurant is Caterham’s most talked about newest venue. Formally a local wimpy restaurant, it has now been refurbished and totally transformed into a modern, vibrant café & restaurant destination.

The concept was the brainchild of restaurateur Huseyin Sevket and it was Huseyin's vision in collaboration with Lisa Cluer, Managing Director of Inside Out, to achieve the final look.

The brief was to create a relaxed and balanced mix of interesting seating areas to appeal to all types of clientele, it was clear that he did not want a separated café and restaurant space.
To achieve Huseyin’s vision Lisa arranged for a site survey to establish dimensions and then with the help of Inside Out’s design team provided a space plan to show seating arrangement and a 3D visual to show the final effect prior to manufacture.

Huseyin had previously worked with Inside Out's team on other venues and was happy with the proposed visuals and suggestions to maximise the seating without compromising on comfort.
Another important factor was to inject eye-catching colour and Huseyin liked the idea of using bright colours for the furniture, selecting fuchsia, bright yellow and a hint of blue.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the fuchsia Monroe chairs and the laminate table tops with the fuchsia edge fixed to square ice cube table bases. The number 8 chair in yellow was also used to match and reinforce the iconic name of the establishment “Eight café and restaurant”. In the window you can see a set of our pasha chairs in black adding a sense of drama, also selected were comfortable Benny two seater sofas in chocolate brown with contrast fuchsia piping to match the chairs, these relaxed areas are ideal for the "tea & cake" clientele who regularly pop in with buggy's and young children. The back of the restaurant features a bespoke banquette seating upholstered in a bold blue and attracts those who want to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal.

Eight Cafe & Restaurant
Unit 21, 50 Church Walk, Caterham,Surrey,
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