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Ember Locke - Kensington

Outside Ember Locke is a busy road, with traffic rushing around London. However, Ember Locke is set in a magical, imposing historic building with a beautiful archway as you walk through the main doors. At night the soft light glows through the windows, which surround the doors, to hint at the warmth and comfort inside.

Once inside you are immediately transported into a different world. A world full of beautiful plants, stunning fabrics and open space, giving you the freedom to choose which area you would like to sit in, depending on your needs and mood.

Visually the social space interior is wrapped in contrasting geometric patterns and solid colours in a range of tones. You will notice the plush velvet upholstery contrast with natural wood and cane. An abundance of tropical plants are intertwined throughout the different areas to give a sense of the British colonial style.

The Conservatory

The conversatory is a bohemian paradise. Deep red painted wood work contrast beautifully with the luscious leaves which drape from the ceiling. This area offers a secluded, tranquil space which overlooks the garden. This area is worth mentioning first, as the conservatory shows the architecture working perfectly with the interior design. This is a space which encourages bringing the outside, inside and the conservatory feels like an indoor garden.

The Garden

Something very special about this venue is the large garden space which feels very private. The garden has a covered area with cushion seating but on the lawn you will find the Queenie Armchair with Carrara marble table tops.

The Work Space

Step inside from the garden and one of the first things you see is an impressive semi- circular bar. Opposite the bar is a wonderful U shaped seating area filled with fringed bespoke Marshmallow stools, which adds a rich velvety pink to contrast against the natural greens and creams, making this a heavenly place to relax with a cocktail.

One of the most popular cocktails which the venue serves is a Hibiscus Margarita, which resembles the colour of the luscious pink velvet marshmallow stools. The pink cocktail and pink velvet stool really are made for each other.

The marshmallow stools have a special fringe detailing, to make these pieces have a little extra 'wow'. The furniture detailing complements the fringe details on the cushions which rest on the banquette seating, perfectly.

Our design team created the pink stool especially for this venue, making it unique to Ember Locke in Kensington.

The Cafe

The Cafe area is full of orange and green and feels warm and fresh. The Jade Wicker Armchair with its Sharpe angles works so well as a contemporary chair in this area.

if you sit at the bar, you will notice a down of fruit. Oranges, apple, limes and lemon. The colours of this vibrant fruit bowl appear to be infused into the interior design of the cafe.

The Lounge

This area is designed for comfort. Soft lighting, deep curved furniture and a range of velvet furnishings to choose from. In this area you will find the Core large sofa and Magista lounge chair.

The perfect place to get cosy with a cocktail.

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