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Exeter Airport Executive Lounge

Bar & Lounge

Exeter Airport is a busy regional airport in south west England offering international and domestic scheduled and connecting services, together with charter flights to holiday destinations. As part of the continued investment programme, a new modern executive lounge has been built on the first floor overlooking the runway and the aircraft stands. With three times the capacity of the previous lounge, the airport can now offer more clients a high quality pre-departure experience.

Inside Out Contracts worked directly with Fruition Creative Services to extensively furnish the new executive lounge following a focus of high design and quality as specified by the clients.

The Ashington collection formed the basis for the new lounge interior scheme with both the Ashington armchairs and sofa upholstered in a contemporary grey and lime colour palette. Specially sourced New Zealand Laneve wool was used, contributing to the look and feel of an executive interior, whilst occasional pieces such as the Taurus side table reflected a contemporary manner.

The Lana and Barney lounge chair introduced new forms and methods of relaxing or working within the lounge, showcasing deep seated comfort and design focus. The Swan style table, a design favourite, co-ordinated seamlessly with these pieces to encapsulate a warm relaxed feel whilst also being adept in practicality.

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