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IT Restaurants

Bar & Lounge

IT Ibiza has opened its third branch in Mayfair, London, where you can while away an evening eating fine Italian cuisine and listen to atmospheric DJ-sets all whilst enjoying the dazzlingly chic interiors.

Located near the Royal Academy of Arts - and in a former art gallery - our bespoke furniture has helped to create an artistically dark and moody ambience suiting IT Ibiza's style. With a restaurant, bar and private-dining area, our mixture of bespoke sofas, bar stools, lounge chairs, made-to-measure benches and scatter cushions are the perfect way to elegantly fill the space and create the means for maximum covers.

Plush Velvet sits centre-stage in varying rich tones of Kingfisher green, Lagoon blue and Umber, with highlights of contrasting Bone white; all creating a real sense of luxury and opulence that reflects the dishes that the restaurant produces.

Details are not foregone with the deep-buttoning of the benches, the fluting of the Nimes chairs and Banquette seating, and the curves and piping of the Hanover bar stools and lounge chairs that lend a certain traditionalism against the wooden-panelled walls that makes the modern atmosphere all the more striking.

IT Ibiza
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