Krispy Kreme UK

Café & Restaurant

Iconic American doughnut chain Krispy Kreme, have been around since 1937 and have expanded internationally, opening its doors to UK custom in 2003.

Inside Out Contracts worked closely with Kripsy Kreme's design partner, PATH Design, to supply signature interior and exterior pieces to stores across the country

A pivotal piece sprinkled across the stores is the eye-catching orbit armchair. Its characteristic doughnut-like shape mirrors the classic glazed ring doughnut that is synonymous with the brand. Complemented by the Gordon tub chair, the shape creates an ideal space for lounging and matches the laid back café environment.

Lightweight and stackable, the exteriors feature our ergonomic jellybean chair finished in a bold red, making the design hard to ignore.

Krispy Kreme UK

Throughout the UK

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