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Mondrian Hotel

Bar & Lounge

Mondrian Hotel

Making a sensational return, the Mondrian brand has opened up a new London based hotel. Inside this hospitality venue, is a treasure trove of visual delights, oozing creative and bespoke designed contract furniture, in different themes, with many items provided by Inside Out Contracts.

For those who love design, beauty and everything unique, this is a jaw dropping venue to experience.

Already one of Shoreditch’s most bohemian and quirky hotels, the Curtain Hotel, re-emerged from the pandemic under a new brand and with a new look. Mondrian Shoreditch (owned by Accor and sbe). The 120 bedroom hotel opened following a major overhaul by leading interior design firm Goddard Littlefair, who added a real creative flair to establish this venue as a worthy European flag ship for an international hotel brand.

With a large roof terrace with views over London's skyline, this venue has everything the urban professional needs to relax and unwind in style. Each area in the Mondrian hotel is a different visual experience, largely provided by the difference in furniture fabrics and textiles.

If you walk into the reception area and sit on the sofa’s you will see the glass ‘blown away table’. You will notice you are sat on a bespoke sofa with a two tone arm detail and in front of you are low stools made especially for that room as they go perfectly with the dappled carpet. You can then walk from the reception area into the ground floor dining area to see the font dining chairs, bespoke bar stools and tables.

The M restaurant on the lower ground floor has a totally different vibe with rich reds and deep greens. There is a sensational brass central bar area. To the sides of the room, by the kitchen area, there are some high tapas table tops sat on top of the Millie Base. The surface of these tables are filled with contrasting colours. Where ever you look as you wander through the hotel, you will be surrounded by a well thought out and expertly designed vision which has been bought to life with quality contract furniture.

If you want to discuss inspiration from this project further, please speak to one of our creative consultants who can help.

Goddard Littlefair
Shoreditch, London
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