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Ochre Restaurant Gallery

The Art of Furniture at The National Gallery

Client | Muriel's Kitchen | Location | London

Nestled in the National Gallery in London is the new Ochre restaurant, which celebrates the finest produce England has to offer, including the furniture.

This wonderful restaurant showcases bespoke furniture which has been designed and handcrafted in the UK. Items include an impressively large table, deeply comfortable dining chairs, and elegant bar stools. This is a truly special project to be a part of and Inside Out Contracts are very proud to have designed and created items for such an iconic national treasure, the restaurant at The National Gallery, which receives visitors from around the world.

It's difficult to put into words the level of skill and craftsmanship it takes to create such beautiful furniture from the initial idea, through the design process, to being bought to life by a skilled carpenter. However, we have focused on just one product, the Bespoke 'Miley' Table, in order to show you the journey that bespoke furniture makes.

It starts with a phone call or email from a potential client who is working on a restaurant furniture interior design. The interior designer or restaurant owner speaks to one of our creative consultants to find the most cost-effective way for creating the furniture they want. Sometimes the most cost-effective way is bespoke furniture.

When exploring the designs for bespoke furniture, our Design Manager, is on hand to listen and take the lead with the initial design.

Before placing an order, it's possible to do a final check that the product is right using augmented reality software, which allows the client to scan a QR code and view the product in their venue. This can help feel more confident that the design is going to be right for the venue.

Discover Elegance at Ochre, National Gallery

Step inside with us as we discover the story behind the furniture design and creating a restaurant masterpiece.

Manufactured in the UK

For those that appreciate skill and craft, there is a lot of enjoyment gained from seeing the item of restaurant furniture get taken from a drawing, through to it taking shape in physical form. The craftsmen we work with are highly experienced and trained in their area of expertise.

Luxury Restaurant Furniture at Ochre. 2
Luxury Restaurant Furniture | Hand Crafted in the UK

It is then a total joy to see the item of furniture carefully delivered and placed in the venue. It is at this moment where we see the interior design come together and can appreciate the talent involved in pulling together a variety of colours and textiles in order to create a beautiful restaurant for people to relax and enjoy.

Luxury Restaurant Furniture at Ochre. 1
Luxury Restaurant Furniture | The 'Miley' Table at the Ochre

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