Café & Restaurant

A unique, romantic and intimate setting is at the forefront of Piccolo restaurants design. Situated in the heart of Dundee and seating a maximum of thirty-six chairs; this quaint space is perfect for booking out the full venue for an idealistic evening with your loved ones or partner.

Piccolo is one of the first amongst many to install our innovative floor standing social distancing screens to protect their staff and guests. In this instance the screens have been carefully incorporated in a way in which the atmosphere is not compromised.

The frames are supplied with an anti-bacterial powder coated finish, however, they do not take away from the dark wooden floor or the bright open environment. With treated glass panes between the frames of the screens light can come through the restaurant with out any distraction.


Dundee, Scotland

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Social distancing screen floor standing 2 600px
Social Distancing Screen - Floor Standing