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Special Event - London

This project tells an extraordinary story.

On the surface this is a story of some bespoke tables and stools for an event. Yet dig a little deeper and you discover a story of sustainable design and production, which has so much more to say.

If we look at the materials used to make the bar stools, we see that recycled CMHR Foams were chosen, along with Ultra-Leather which is made from using 50% TENCEL renewable fibres. Every element and detail has been thought of to create an eco-friendly product.

Inside Out cares passionately about sustainable contract furniture production, which is why our bespoke furniture is manufactured in Great Britain, which helps through reducing transport. The workshop where the metal furniture is produced, is powered by electric used from solar panels and the degreasing fluid used is a citric acid (an orange juice solution), which is better for the environment than some degreasing fluids which use harsher chemicals. The powder for the powder coating is TGIC free, which is also better for the environment than powder coatings with TGIC.

Furniture made from carbon mild steel tubes is a great environmentally friendly choice as steel is 100% recyclable. Also, the steel tubes which are used to create the furniture are made of 70% recycled steel. Metal furniture is also very durable, meaning it does not need to be replaced as often as other materials.

From the materials chosen, to the production method and location, every stage has been thought of to help product a product which is as eco-friendly as possible.

We find that the Frieze poseur tables and bar stools not only exhibit an appealing appearance but are also crafted with practical principles in mind, ensuring users' comfort and support. This meticulous attention to detail elevates the overall aesthetic of the space and fosters a productive and comfortable environment for those utilizing it.

The incorporation of sustainably made bespoke furniture within the an exhibition interior has undoubtedly been a tremendous accomplishment. This achievement serves as a testament to the advantages of sustainable design and production for bespoke pieces in establishing aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable environments.

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