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Is it possible for so much sumptuous style to be captured in one venue in Soho? Sucre have taken over a stunning 310-year-old building, that was the London College of Music and transformed it into a space that could easily fit into an Argentinian palace.

As you walk into the restaurant you can't help but notice the tall ceilings with dramatic chandeliers made from over a thousand cut glass decanters, with tall mirrors, one after the other, lined up on the walls. These large features fill the room with light, which shines down on the truly special and unique furniture pieces, designed by Inside Out Contracts.

Dining chairs have been backed with tanned leather and mismatched with bright green and pink textile patterns. The warmth of the colours and depth of the fabrics chosen, adds a truly Latin American experience. Whilst the contrasting wood and cut out cast iron adds a textural contrast which allows this space to be transformed into somewhere truly memorable.

This project is an example of a venue who had a strong vision of what they wanted to achieve and how they wanted a restaurant to look. Inside Out Contracts, were able to provide some unique solutions to complement their ideas.

Bespoke stand-out pieces were designed to feature in the main restaurant such as the laser cut table bases, which was hand made here in the UK. All the details for each furniture piece have been thought about in great detail, from the co-ordinating tribal patterns and prints on the dining chairs though to the Primitive Wood Carving edging on the large table.

With the furniture playing a large part in helping create one of the best looking new restaurants and bars in Soho, Sucre can also boast two of the biggest names in the Argentinian drinking and dining scene - Chef Fernando Trocca & cocktail genius Renato "Tato" Giovannoni.

And there is more! Sucre is divided up into two distinct areas – a restaurant up top (Sucre) and a cocktail joint down below (Abajo) each with its own entrance & menu. We can fully recommend both areas depending on what kind of evening or taste sensation you are looking for. The food by Chef Fernando Trocca is something you have to try, but be warned, you no doubt will need to go back again. As for the cocktails, the bar downstairs has a totally different vibe and gives you a little slice of Argentina 'cool'.

Cotton Thompson Cole
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