The Davenport Hotel


An iconic hotel based in the hub of Dublin, known for it's Georgian heritage. Boasting calming colour palettes, modern interiors, all contrasting with the historic 1700's architecture. The Davenport Hotel creates an idyllic destination for afternoon tea through to a weekend away in a vibrant city.

Ensuring the hotel exudes elegance throughout the attractive guest areas whilst absorbing the sought after location of the hotel. The furnishings were chosen perfectly to complement all existing character of the building. The restaurant area features the Eliza lounge chair, allowing the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

Our luxurious Knightsbridge lounge chair nestled among our bespoke pieces shape a unique environment for guests. Texture is added with the fringe detailing featured on the customisable Marshmallow stool. Solid ash wood tables, dark walnut and beech finishes are combined with dynamic fabrics, embodying the Davenport experience.


Dublin, Ireland

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Web Eliza Lounge Chair
Eliza lounge chair
Web Knightsbridge Lounge Chair
Knightsbridge lounge chair
Web Adele Armchair Red
Adele armchair
Clara Chair 1
Clara armchair
Web Goba Armchair
Goba lounge chair
Web Adele Bar Stool Red
Adele bar stool
Marshmallow With Fringe Lux Thistle 9336 0189 B View 2 600
Marshmallow stool with fringe
Web Betta Coffee Table Luxury Hotel Furniture Insideoutcontracts
Betta coffee table