Decoration In Csm Dining Area Ual Furnishing By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9475
Tonella Arm Chair In Ual Canteen Supplied By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9426
Sofa In Pink Upholstery With Tonella Chair Supplied By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9345
Tables And Chairs In Ual Canteen By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9414
Pink Sofa In Ual Canteen Supplied By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9501
Bespoke Banquette Seating By Inside Out Contracts For Csm Ual Mg 9394
Tonella Chair Fluted Back Upholstery Supplied By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9428
Csm Canteen Interior Design Sofas For Educational Spaces By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9377 Copy
Back Of Banquette Seating Furniture For Ual By Inside Out Contracts Mg 9400

UAL, Central Saint Martins

Education & Workplace

Central Saint Martins has seen students from Paul Smith, to M.I.A pass through their hallways and has consistently been at the forefront of the London design scene since it became part of the University of the Arts London, group in 1989. Based in Granary Square, Kings Cross, CSM has an expansive space in which to mould the creative minds of the future. This type of task takes careful planning, even when it comes to somewhere as innocuous as the canteen.

Inside Out worked with Luca Beckerson, project manager behind the redesign of the canteen space. Beckerson based his space planning around the student experience, creating an environment which allows for both communal engagement and private reflection in a minimal manner with splashes of opulence.

A playful use of colours and shapes bolsters the interior including the millennial pink upholstered Beagle sofas which are central to the space. Fluted back Tonella armchairs and lounge chairs with their iconic cage bases provide the opulence, exuding a designer style, fitting to the design-led patrons.

Photography by Eleanor Rose Fusaro

University of the Arts, London
Kings Cross, London
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