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Viajante 87 - Cocktail Bar

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Viajante 87 | Adding Cocktail Chic to Classic Notting Hill

A much needed new luxury cocktail bar has arrived in Notting Hill, a vibrant neighbourhood known globally for Notting Hill Carnival. Behind Notting Hill Gate High Street, is a trendy neighbourhood area full of restaurants, pubs and now a new cocktail bar. This basement Club captures the essence of chic evening drinks, which is perfect for this affluent part of London, which is home to many celebrities.

This independent bar, needed to capture an intimate yet chic ambiance. With clever use of space and bespoke furniture the venue is able to maximise covers and still create a feeling of space and private areas.

We have captured images of this project from start to finish so we can show you the full journey of a project and the different people and departments which are involved in helping a project come together.

Click on the videos below to see the full story behind these projects in easy to follow bite sized chunks.

30 Second Story | Project Overview

We have tried to capture the essence of this project from start to finish in 30 seconds. From the concrete walls of a basement to a completed luxury cocktail bar with a full range of bespoke furniture pieces designed, made, and installed by Inside Out Contracts.

A 3 Minute Story | The Personal Touch with Account Manager Ken

Behind every new venue is the story of people working together to make an idea a reality. For this project, Ken was the clients point of contact. It's his job to listen to the client and understand what items of furniture are required in order to achieve the end result the interior designer would like. In the case where there is a large amount of bespoke furniture, Ken works closely with the design and production departments throughout the project. If there is a delay on site, Ken needs to feed that information back to the production department and communicate clearly.

60 Second Story | The Design Story with Design Manager Doug

For this project the interior designer and architect provided a detailed space plan and knew what they wanted in terms of product type and colours, but its then our furniture design team which needs to put together the detailed visuals of what the product would look like. Detailed coloured visuals and augmented reality QR codes can be provided and in this case, we can show you the AR 3D model compared to the finished piece.

90 Second Story | The Production Story with Del

Seeing a drawing being turned into a piece of furniture is fascinating. To see the stages each material goes through, before they come together to create the finished piece, which is then carefully and skillfully installed with care. See the stages of production and installation take place to understand how this process happens.

60 Second Show | The Finished Project

The end project photography is always something we are so proud to see, as the end result is a great testament to a strong vision and teamwork. This fabulous luxury cocktail bar will no doubt become a much-frequented venue in the local community.

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Viajante 87 Circle Banquette Seating
V87 11
Creating furniture that works with the Architecture
V87 10
The building support column was turned into a feature

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