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The impressive 9,500 sq ft WMS Food Hall at the University of Birmingham has recently undergone a major refurbishment. Inside Out was enrolled by the project’s appointed designers to help construct an inspiring and inventive catering area that remains highly practical and enduring for the venue’s daily 1,500 staff and visitors.

Creating a modern and youthful environment, the variety of bright furniture breaks up the vast dining and social area. The chrome sleigh legged Trend chairs in a mixture of cyan blue, bleached oak and grey laminate are used in conjunction with matching laminate tables and other contemporary upholstered chairs and stools. Including also the bleached oak Maggiore laminate tables and an assortment of coloured Ypsilon table bases, the overall refurbishment has created an exciting new and high quality destination within the university which sets the benchmark in contemporary style for future projects.

“When WeSpace was chosen as the furniture consultant to supply and Project Manage the WMS project, WeSpace chose Inside Out Contracts as one of its trusted supply partners.

As well as many individual pieces, IOC was able to offer the bespoke solutions (created by the designers SoVibrant) which blended perfectly with the other components from an array of manufacturers. The bespoke joinery elements were crafted to the highest standard by IOC’s manufacturing team and the quality now speaks for itself. IOC helped WeSpace create a unique space enjoyed by hundreds of people every day.”

- Jacqui Withnell, Principal at WeSpace LTD

- Photography by Ben Sage

WMS Food Hall, University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham

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Web Trend Side Chair
Trend side chair
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Ypsilon 3 table base
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Maggiore laminate table