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4 things you should know about metal contract furniture


What 4 things should you know about metal contract furniture? Metal furniture really the sustainable eco-friendly product, we all think it is?

For each type of eco-friendly material there are pros and cons when it comes to sustainability. Using contract furniture made from metal is a good choice when it comes to sustainability.

Below are 2 reasons why choosing metal as a material for contract furniture is good for the environment:

1. Durable: Metal furniture is made from robust materials which make it long-lasting. Unlike wood, it does not chip away. It does not wear and tear easily and need not be replaced too often. It will stand firm and look great for years to come.

2. Easily recycled: and does not involve cutting of trees or using too many chemicals.

Projects we have worked on who have used metal framed furniture include Gail’s Bakery who used the Fraiche woven stacking chair. However, another advantage for using metal is that metal can create unique designs and structures, from the very simple to the very dramatic. Below shows the 1900 chair and the Cacti side chair as examples of this.

Gails Bakery

Project gails

However, if you are interested in using metal for table tops, bar tops or chairs, over other materials, you might want to consider the potential downside to this type of material for contract furniture.

3. Heavy: The main disadvantage of metal furniture is weight. It can be quite heavy, and hence difficult to carry or move it around. If you love to change your furniture placement from time to time, having metal furniture can be a dissuading factor.

4. Absorbs Heat: If metal furniture is exposed to the sun, it can get quite hot making it impossible for you to use them. Similarly, during winters it can get quite cold to sit on as well

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