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Ask Me About | Bespoke Bar Stools


Ask Me About | Bespoke Bar Stools

Welcome to the first in a mini series of ‘Ask Me About’ topics. Today I am going to focus on questions I often get asked about bespoke bar stool design and manufacturing by those looking to refurbish a restaurant, hotel or hospitality venue. I speak to a range of different clients on a daily basis. Sometimes I am speaking to professional commercial interior designers and other times I could be speaking to the owner of a restaurant who hasn’t done a refurbishment project before. So, there is a wide range of questions I get asked from different types of people with a range of experience and knowledge.

I have picked 4 questions based on some of the most frequently asked. The questions vary from covering some of the basics to the more in-depth and specialist. Often questions are very venue or design specific, so I have selected a few general ones in the hope they can help the majority of people out there. However, if you have any specific questions that you would like to ask me, please contact me on the details at the bottom of this blog.

Should I have bar stools in my space?

Bar stools and poseur tables are a great way to break up the room and create different levels/zones in your space. The benefit of a bar stool is the foot print it takes up is smaller than a chair. This can help with maximising your covers in your space and creating a more a different area for your customers.

Why a bespoke bar stool?

With going bespoke you can really tailor make your bar stool to fit your space and your theme. The options are endless with creating different heights, swivel mechanisms, fixed base to adjustable the opportunities are endless. We have worked with designers who to best maximise their restaurant covers wanted comfortable bar stools for the bar area. This ensure the customer has a comfortable experience while dining but the restaurant is able to maintain maximum covers if space it restricted.

Why are bar stools and tables so tall/ What height should the seat of a bar stool be?

This is a really interesting question, which relates a little to human behaviour. When we have a conversation with another person, we like to have eye contact. A bar stool allows a person to sit down and still easily have eye contact with a person standing. This is especially important in a bar setting where people could easily be standing and chatting casually. The height of the bar table stool and chairs encourages casual conversation. A good rule for sizes it that a bar stool will be around 750mm in seat height to match a table height of 1100mm.

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If you have any questions you would like to ask Doug our Design Manager on bespoke furniture design for hospitality venues, please email [email protected].

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