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Do you need to create a hospitality area that people want to sit in and enjoy for hours? If you are creating a luxurious space where people can relax and unwind, then comfort is key.

Yet with outdoor spaces, you also need the furniture to be lightweight and durable. This maybe because you are storing the furniture inside and need to be able to move it easily. Everyone loves to sit outside when the sun is shining or are seated under a covered area, however, the elements can turn quickly, so outdoor furniture needs to be flexible.

Balancing durability, lightweight design, and comfort can be challenging. This is where Inside Out Contracts excels, offering a range of commercial outdoor furniture perfect for outside terraces, pool areas or hotel gardens.

For restaurants and cafes aiming to provide a luxurious outdoor dining experience, the Oliver Sofa is an excellent choice. Its generous seating and sophisticated design create intimate seating areas where guests can unwind and enjoy their meals. The sofa's weather-resistant materials ensure it remains pristine, even in unpredictable climates.

Individual seating options, like the Komodo Armchair, offer both style and comfort. Its supportive structure is perfect for creating cosy corners in garden areas or rooftop bars, inviting guests to relax in a stylish setting.

The Tribeca Bench, especially when cushions are added, combines the practicality of bench seating with added comfort. This versatile piece is perfect for communal dining areas or casual outdoor lounges, offering a blend of functionality and style. The plush cushions ensure that guests remain comfortable, encouraging longer stays and more enjoyable experiences.

Curzon, Kingston - Roof Top Bar 5
The Tribeca Bench as seen at Curzon Kingston

Inside Out Contracts provides a range of outdoor furniture perfect for enhancing hospitality spaces. From stylish lounge chairs and sofas to practical benches and armchairs, each piece is designed with both aesthetics and comfort in mind. By integrating these pieces into your designs, you can create inviting and stylish outdoor spaces that improve the guest experience in cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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