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Were you able to visit Clerkenwell Design Week? We have reviewed fresh contract furniture inspirations from designers around the world for a range of products that could help with your commercial interior design project, either now or in the future.

Discover the latest colours, textiles, shapes, and designs worthy of remembering. Could any of the below designs be your perfect piece of furniture or fabric?

Fresh Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 1
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 2
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 3
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 4
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 5
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 6
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 7
Clerkenwell Design Week Outside Furniture 8

Outdoor Commercial Furniture

The British summer gave the outdoor furniture a true test of endurance with both heavy rain and bright sunshine. However, on display was a mixture of classic favorites alongside new outdoor commercial furniture product designs.

The garden setting was a perfect location for bringing alive these items of furniture. Amongst the red roses, and luscious green foliage sat an array of cane and rope furniture, creating a tranquil oasis and calming atmosphere amongst the hassle and bustle inside the exhibition halls.

What stood out at the time, was how water-resistant the fabric and materials were. The water didn't easily sink into the fabric, but the drops of water sat on top of the fabric and were easily wiped off. Once the sun reappeared the furniture was dry in a very short timeframe.

Discover more about outdoor commercial furniture here.

Fresh Contract Chair Designs

Clerkenwell Chair Designs 7
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 2
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 5
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 1
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 4
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 9
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 8
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 6
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 3
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 10
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 11
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 12
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 13
Clerkenwell Chair Designs 14

Contract Chair Design | Perfect Pieces

'Breath-taking' is the word that first comes to mind. Closely followed by 'exhilarating'. It is a true pleasure to be able to see so many exciting designs in one location. You can't help but feel the energy and inspiration as you walk around and soak up the creativity that went into each piece.

There were some ingenious new contract furniture designs released at the show, putting Clerkenwell Design Week firmly on the international map for new product releases.

See below to view some of the new products released at the show.

Fresh Contract Fabrics

Clerkenwell Fabrics 2
Clerkenwell Fabrics 1
Clerkenwell Fabrics
Clerkenwell Fabrics 3

Moorish Fabrics

Is it just us or do you want to be surrounded by an assortment of fabrics all day as well?

We couldn't help but be drawn to a range of contract fabrics at the show and delight in the growing number of sustainable fabrics.

We know that many businesses are still led by pricing and lead times being the main priority but it's great to see more and more reasonably priced sustainable fabric options for those businesses who do make sustainable choices a priority for their business.

Looking for a particular product?

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