How to | Reopen Gyms with social distancing

Jul 27, 2020

Last but definitely not least; Gyms are set to begin reopening. It has been long awaited amongst all communities after eating our weight in banana bread during lockdown, but now it's our challenge to modify spaces to protect users and staff adhere to government guidelines. As we have already observed in the hospitality and leisure industry a number of measures have been successfully adopted one of which is the implementation of screens.

We understand that like many other spaces gyms are looking to balance their space to maximise their capacity without compromising on safety. Unlike the loose furniture of restaurants and cafes, the large pieces of equipment are not easily rearrange and with limited floor space distancing is not always possible. Our range of social distancing screens pose a viable solution to protect users whist having minimal impact on the functionality and experience.

From the reception desk, following through to the gym floor and even the changing rooms screens can not only provide a physical barrier but enable you to rework the flow of the space. Our varied collection and bespoke capacity allows us to meet even need of the space.

Tip #1 - For machines placed close together screens create a 'bubble' of protection a minimise the need to remove alternate machines for use.

Tip #2 - In areas that were previously open screens segment the space in adherence of social distancing.

Tip #3 - Using a mix of transparent and opaque screens - clear screens minimise the effect of the social and community aspect of going to the gym while opaque screens offer additional privacy.

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