Social Distancing Protective Screens

May 22, 2020

As we look ahead to the ways in which we can begin to resume normality we have to be realistic to the changes that will need to be made. We have already seen screens provide the additional protection needed in areas like supermarkets; and as we look to reopen more social spaces beyond takeaway and delivery services we expect these to be incorporated in cafes, restaurants, hotels, leisure, schools and healthcare locations.

These will provide the separation required in areas where the are expected to have high levels of traffic and in smaller spaces where social distancing may not be exercised beyond the required 2 meters. This also means they are ideal for office's and other work spaces where the protection of staff is crucial.

We offer a number of varied designs to meet the needs of the space. Starting with our table top solutions available with multiple base/fixing options from a standard plinth to a G clamp fixings that anchor to the edge of the table. These are ideal for seating areas that run along a banquette as well as individual tables to create a more protected space.

Social Distancing Screens

It is understandable that the majority will want to be cautious of how this dividers affect the aesthetic of an environment that has been meticulously designed to great expense; therefore our perspex dividers can be manufactured in a range of standard sizes as well as made bespoke to suit the needs of existing furniture. There is also the option to have the base in various colours to complement the current decor scheme.

Beyond this we have the free standing options that can also act as a room divider to not only separates between individual tables, but can be used to amend the flow of a space. As these are made in our UK workshop we do have the capability of customising the design to suit the needs of the space both aesthetically and functionally.

Social Distancing Screens

For more information about our screen offering or to discuss the best options for your spaces, our team are on happy to help. Get in contact here >>