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Bentwood chairs and stools have long been in fashion.

Arguably the best design for durability, functionality and beauty, Bentwood furniture is found throughout the globe; synonymous with coffee shops and French Bistros.


Also known as a Thonet chair, the process of steam bending wood for the bentwood look, although around for two centuries prior, was mastered in the mid 1830s by Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian Cabinet maker.

The bentwood process mastered by Thonet, takes lightweight but strong wood such as beech, steaming the wood in steam boxes before using steel frames and clasps to manually bend the wood into the desired curved shape.

Thonet soon set up his first factory, and exhibited his first design the no. 14 chair at the 1867 World Exhibition in Paris where he earned a gold medal for design. Demand soon began to grow, and the chair once simply and modestly called no. 14 has been sold over ten million times, known more famously as the classic bentwood chair.

Classic Bentwood Collection

The bentwood style is ever evolving and has been referenced in many of these year's new furniture designs. To get started, check out our classic collection of the most popular bentwood furniture, including upholstered pieces and traditional dot-to-dot cane woven backrests.


Classic Bentwood Chair


Classic Bentwood bar stool with back


Classic Bentwood low stool


Classic Bentwood stool


Potts Bentwood Cane side chair


Potts Bentwood cane armchair


Corti Bentwood cane side chair


Deco Bentwood armchair

Berge Bentwood Upholstered Armchair

Bach Bentwood upholstered armchair

Strauss Bentwood upholstered armchair

Most of these Bentwood Furniture pieces are available for quick delivery in stocked finish walnut. Please enquire for more details and exact lead time, otherwise full range available in larger wood stains, lacquered colours, upholstery and additional details made to order.

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Bentwood in projects

Check out some of our favourite projects featuring bentwood chairs and stools. From boutique hotel brasseries in Ireland, to the fast-paced dining experiences of airport terminal restaurants, bentwood is fashionably everywhere.

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