In Focus | Outdoor Pods

- Jun 10, 2021

This summer we want to get outside and socialise! Let that be the case come rain or shine with our bespoke sheltered pods.

Our Outdoor pods provide the perfect place for socialising outdoors. The possibilities with these bespoke-designed shelters are endless; we can alter the finish, size and shape depending on the use and styling of the venue.

Once built, they can also be painted and decorated to your heart's content, whether that involves stringing up fairy lights and lanterns, creating a warming atmosphere with heaters, or laying down soft and upholstered cushions.

The example render provides a table and bench seating for at least 4, but get in touch with our team to sound out any other ideas you may have for your project.

These pods can also be used for cosy and secluded indoor booths to provide a bit of privacy or fun.