In Focus | World Earth Day

- Apr 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day! This year is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, and the theme is 'Restore Our Earth'.

Earth Day holds great significance worldwide, managing to raise awareness for some of the most dangerous circumstances the Earth faces by celebrating and championing mass change and recognition. What does this mean for us?

We are celebrating World Earth Day with 5 products or innovations spotted by Inside Out that take action against our climate difficulties. One for each decade of Earth Day's brilliance.

1 | Sipario Partition

A solution to the question of how to aesthetically and sustainably divide a space; made from regenerated plastic the Sipario planter also features a self-watering system in its base. It can be transformed into a leafy focus point that will add greenery to a space.

2 | Bouchon bar stool

Cork is an incredibly sustainable material as it does not require the cutting down of trees. To harvest cork skilled craftsmen carefully strip away the bark in a technique handed down through the generations - so using cork not only saves the trees but also saves an age-old craft and trade.

3 | Tatami armchair

The Tatami armchair uses cutting-edge design to create a recyclable plastic chair that is carefully woven into a lattice-pattern seat that is strong and attractive.

4 | Nestor chair

Using FSC certified beech wood and a choice of paper cord or webbed linen in the seat, this chair is a highly sustainable design. Linen is one of the most biodegradable materials used in the design world. It is made from flax plant fibres and very strong.

5 | Lucien armchair

Rattan plants grow naturally without interrupting the present structure and balance of the rainforest, they also clean the air by converting CO2 into clean air. This makes rattan a highly sustainable material and a great resource for woven furniture. (Plus, it's also gorgeous.)