The Rise of Recycled Designs

- Mar 18, 2021

We choose to work with companies who care about a sustainable future and incorporate these principles into their production process. They boast an impressive array of ecological certifications that accredit their use of consciously-sourced materials.

Over the last few years, we have been proud to see our partners finding new ways to boost their sustainability efforts with the use of recycled and recyclable materials that are built to last or be regenerated. These materials come from post-consumer waste and industrial waste. This approach minimises any adverse impact on society for the present and the future. Some of our favourite designs are getting a recycled makeover and are now available in versions made from 100% recycled materials.

One responsible resource which is growing in popularity is the use of ocean plastics – from discarded bottles to broken fishing nets, innovative manufacturing processes have enabled these waste products to be made into attractive designs such as the Ocean chair.

Some factories that we work with offer the opportunity to return products to be regenerated into new pieces when venues are looking to refresh their style.

Our own in-house design team have created tabletop designs that use recycled wood which inject their own aesthetic interest whilst being kind to the environment.

These efforts help to trigger a virtuous process in which new plastic is not being introduced into the environment, but old plastics are being removed and recovered. A perpetual cycle of ethical choices.