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Be in control of your design from the biggest to the smallest details. You can make choices when it comes to everything from wall colours, to pieces of furniture, to the individual details on your furniture. This includes your tables bases!

There are so many varieties to choose from; bases that blend into the background, to bases that make an impact. Double bases to single bases. Folding to fixed. Short to tall. Don't forget to consider what table base would best suit your scheme.

Arki 3 table base

Some tables come with singular column bases, but why not try a 3 or 4 spoked base?

Elliot 3 folding table base

Folding bases are a great option for smaller spaces or outdoor spaces to store away furniture.

Bell table base

Simple is best sometimes when showcasing a table top or statement chairs. The Bell table base is a popular option.

Wycombe 4 table base

Intricate feet make a small statement that doesn't take away from other pieces of furniture.

Axis table base

Some feet are designed to slot together for storing away in the most efficient manner.

Florence table base

Did someone say 4 spokes? They don't have to take up lots of room, they can stem from lower down like in the Florence table base.

Bold Cross Double table base

Double bases allow for longer table tops that is still continually connected in the bottom.

Candy bar wide table base

Some bases taper downwards rather than upwards for maximum impact and modernity.

Liberty table base

Attractive crafting and attention to shape adds a real feature to table design.

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