In the Know | Stone Table Top Alternatives

- Jul 05, 2019

Introducing stone alternatives such as Resin Stone and Timber Terrazzo, both enduring new materials man-made and specified for use in restaurants, bars, cafes etc.



Stone such as Marble and Quartz, as well as concrete based Terrazzo are popular choices for table tops. However these table tops are very heavy requiring specialty table bases to support their weight, and are porous being susceptible to staining from dark liquids such as red wine, as well as acid etching from vinegar and oil.

Resin Stone and Timber Terrazzo are excellent alternatives for marble and terrazzo, being similar in look to their natural counterparts, but with both being man-made products that perform well in hospitality venues with a whole host of benefits.

01: Stone Resin

Man-made with resin to mimic marble, granite and other stones. Resin marble is a totally solid cast resin supplied with an MDF backing board, giving a smooth to touch finish and radius corners as standard.



Made with resin, these table tops feature a protective glossy gel top coat making them 100% non porous.

Heat proof

Able to withstand temperatures associated with restaurant dining.

Stain proof

The strong smooth surface material makes it water resistant and stain-proof.

Custom colours

Being man-made, our resin marble tops and can be manufactured in bespoke colours.

Here are a few sample colours, housed in our London Showroom.


02: Timber Terrazzo

Man-made with resin and recycled FSC wood chips, timber terrazzo is a great alternative to traditional terrazzo as it is non-porous and an eco-friendly choice.

Finished with a plywood substrate as standard. The plywood can be left bare, or an edge such as metal or solid wood can be applied.



Standard Thickness 24mm incl. plywood


Made with resin, timber terrazzo will not stain or etch as easily as stone/terrazzo.

Heat resistance

Able to withstand temperatures associated with restaurant dining.


British oak wood chips with pale blue pigment resin.

Timber Terrazzo, Blue British Oak wood chips


British walnut and cedar wood chips with cream-ivory pigment resin.



London Plan wood chips with white pigment resin.

Timber Terrazzo, White, London Plan wood chips


British walnut wood chips with charcoal pigment resin.

Timber Terrazzo, Black British walnut wood chips