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Though we all dream of lazy summer days where we can relax on a garden lounger and catch some rays, there are also many options for getting cosy outside in the winter and making the most of the invigorating wintry sun...


There are many weather-hardy materials that make a big difference regarding maintenance and care required during the winter months. The following are great materials to use whatever the weather:

  • Teak wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Other metals with paint-protected finishes
  • Synthetic rattan
  • Fibreglass
  • Plastic-based materials

Teak gives a lovely appearance of warmth from the depth of its orangey colour. It doesn’t warp from moisture like some other woods and includes naturally occurring oils that protect from rot and insects. We provide furniture made from woods with an FSC certification that ensures it has been responsibly sourced and sustainably harvested.

Stainless steel is extremely strong and has a high resistance to corrosion so doesn't require much extra protection or maintenance.

Powder-coating is one metal painting technique where the paint is sprayed onto the metal and provides it with an extra layer of protection from the elements to help prevent any kind of oxidization.

Synthetic rattan is a hardy manmade material that is more durable and economic than natural rattan. It is weather resistant, can be wiped down with water, available in various colours, and requires little or no maintenance.

We stock many products that are made from fibreglass and various polymers that are well suited to an outdoor, wintry environment and also available in a variety of fun colours.


When choosing fabrics it is important to consider the fact that they will not only be exposed to moisture and dirt, but also that steely winter sun. Some fabrics we supply are treated with UV resistance, water resistance, and stain resistance, all of which make them more durable and well suited for outdoor use.

It is still recommended to store away soft furnishings such as cushions when not in use as this will prevent extra cleaning and prolong their lifespan.

Don't forget that as the dark winter nights draw in early, pretty outdoor lighting can not only make outdoor seating possible but also extremely enticing and enviable!

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