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Want to make your outdoor area nice and toasty for customers to enjoy in comfort? Check out our winter warmer outdoor heaters for radiating heat and eliminating the chill.

When the chill creeps in it doesn't mean that we all have to scurry inside too. There are plenty of products that emanate heat and enable you to use your outdoor furniture in comfort. They don't only radiate heat, but can also be used to radiate a warm atmospheric glow that adds to the ambience.

When the safest way to socialise is outside, it is great to invest in ways to make outdoor areas comfortable.

Types of outdoor heater

  • Electric / Infrared
  • Gas
  • Fire pit / Chiminea
  • Wall mounted / Hanging
  • Free standing

Electric / Infrared

Infrared heaters use heat to directly warm people within proximity of the heater. They are also known as radiant heaters as they radiate warmth to their close surroundings. They allow the heat output to be directed where it is required. They are generally silent, environmentally friendly, and long lasting.

They convert electricity into infrared heat via a lamp or element. They don't heat the air itself but send out electromagnetic waves which are absorbed by us creating a warming effect. There are no harmful effects; it is like the warming of the sun without the UV rays. To feel the warmth you would usually need to be within 2-3m of the lamp.

Why choose them:

  • eco-friendly option
  • efficient and effective
  • directional
  • convenient - just plug in and switch on
  • safe in covered spaces


Gas heaters burn fuel to give out warmth from their vessels and can act as an aesthetic feature.

They can be fuelled either by gas cylinders or by natural gas. If fuelled with cylinders they just need the gas tank attached and to be switched on. If fuelled by natural gas they will need to be installed and hooked up to the gas line.

Why choose them:

  • attractive feature
  • easily refilled with gas cylinders
  • portable (unless installed to natural gas system)
  • don't require professional installation (unless natural gas-fuelled)
  • heat up fast

Fire Pit / Chimineas

Fire pits are essentially vessels that you can build your own fire in with wood. They provide an atmospheric setting to which many are drawn to. They also release the lovely ambient smell of the burning wood as well as the crackling of flames.

Wood must be stored and built into a fire in the pit and it must be manually ignited. Once the fire is lit it works as any indoor fireplace would.

Why choose them:

  • atmospheric
  • attractive
  • portable
  • affordable
  • interactive

Wall Mounted / Hanging

These are the more popular option when it comes to using infrared heaters. You won't find many gas wall-mounted or hanging heaters.

They are great for saving space and can provide an ambient lighting touch to walls and ceilings. They release enough heat to keep you comfortable whilst staying discreetly out of the way which means that they are less likely to result in any accidents caused by revellers. They must be fitted carefully so that they are secure though shouldn't require professional installation, and will often need a power source.

Why choose them:

  • space saving
  • directional
  • discreet
  • ambient
  • secure

Free Standing

A popular and common option - the free-standing heater is the norm for gas heaters. They are usually tall and thin and give off a good amount of heat. The design can make them a feature element in an outdoor area. It must be weighted properly and on stable ground for safety so as not to be knocked over and cause accidents. They often have an automatic shut-off feature for this very reason.

Why choose them:

  • feature
  • strong heat source
  • easy to install
  • portable

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