LDF 2019 | Top trends

- Oct 14, 2019

London Design Festival sees the capital flooded by creative talent from every corner of the globe.

From 100% Design to London Design Fair and designjunction, our trend radar was on overdrive as we hopped from Kings Cross to Hammersmith in search of the trends of tomorrow. With so much inspiration on offer, we were hard pressed to choose our top spots from the shows. But there were some trends that particularly stood out...


Bauhaus-inspired colour palettes

Thanks to 2019 marking 100 years of Bauhaus, designers have sought inspiration in the primary based shades that are synonymous with the movement. Furniture in particular adopted the aesthetic, pairing bold colour with playful shapes. The results were fun yet functional.


Terrazzo with a twist

Although terrazzo has been doing the rounds for quite some time, at London Design Festival it was all about mixed materials. Rather than sticking solely to surfaces, some designers applied the trend to ceramics and even soft furnishings, which provided a refreshing take on an otherwise enduring theme.


Geometrics & grids

Although curves and arches were, well, ahead of the curve. Angular geometric and clean lines still had cut through across all shows. Square and triangular shapes succeeded in offering a subtle statement, hinting at playfulness but not quite going to whole hog. Predominantly seen on upholstery fabric, tiles and lighting.


The Romo Kirkby Underground II Collection was a stand out at 100% Design. Renovating an out of service train carriage to showcase the new collection where it is most at home. The modern update of their existing Underground collection uses pale pinks, rusty oranges and deep teal hues to reinvent this classic geometric design.


The wonders of wood

As we continue to experiment with alternative materials we can forget the classic beauty of wooden designs. Whether it be steam-bending, carving or providing a contrast to additional textures, the true potential of this material is still being pushed as visible in various new furniture designs showcased at LDF.


Greenery and the great outdoors

Very much tied into the industry’s focus on sustainability and protecting the planet’s natural capital is the greenery trend. Across all the shows, material health and recyclability were key talking points, and the designs exhibited reflected this in their appearance. At London Design Fair ‘biomaterial’ was named Material of the Year, with a roster of innovations exhibited from Fernando Laposse, Chip[s]Board, Tjeerd Veenhoven and High Society.