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With an ever-growing product catalogue our aim is to provide the newest, freshest and most exciting furnishings for interior spaces. This year we have gained a great insight into the most popular new materials, innovative designs and sensational styles, which have provided us with a huge number of new products to add to our collection.

Arden soft armchair

The Nordic trend that is swooping through 2020 with simple and natural forms is showcased in the Arden collection with its slanting wooden frames and petal-shaped seat that thinks ergonomically for its user.

Ila lounge chair

The Ila lounge chair is all comfort with its cushioned seat which gently slopes into the armrests - this continuous shape design is a common theme of 2020 furniture.

Corolla lounge chair

The Corolla collection perfectly encapsulates the uniqueness that many designers are striving for with their furniture choices. Its gently rippling seat base adds a layer of intrigue and the circular feet that extend from the legs complete the softness of the structure.

Blaine stool

Block colours in simple metallic structures are all the rage for outdoor furniture, again with slender legs and subtle curves rather than hard edges.

Layla wood side chair

Wood, wood, wood. Look out for natural and organic materials, beautifully presented here with a slat-design backrest and seat in gentle curves upon slender metal legs.

Aida lounge chair

With craftsmanship at the front of its design, careful cut-outs change the dynamic and adapt the shape of this armed chair to make it stand out. Let your furniture be noticed.

Shell chair

A scalloped edge adapted to follow the natural horizontal fluting of this chair is a clever piece of design calling to be noticed and begging to be sat on.

Cady armchair

Once again showcasing curves and the clean lines that a wooden frame can create. Dresses up with fancy upholstery this type of chair can be adapted for any situation.

Frisée chair

The rippling effect is back with this wonderfully playful design that illustrates exactly what wood can do. Delightfully simple and smooth, managing to be both understated and eye-catching.

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