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- Mar 16, 2021

Project Recap - the Bar and Lounge edition! Decadence and luxury grace so many of the bars that we have been involved in furnishing, but many of our lounges also offer a contrasting airy and relaxed environment. Take a look at a few of our favourites below.

Colony Club

The Colony Club exudes glamour from every aspect of its decor; each room has a unique interior design with bespoke pieces upholstered in rich and decadent colour palettes.

The Blue Room, O2 Priority Lounge

The Blue Room, O2 Priority Lounge delivers an exclusive setting, day and night, pre and post show. Neon lighting illuminates a contemporary and fun mix of furniture for various seating areas in what would be an otherwise unused area.

Badrutt's Palace - King's Social House

Badrutt's Palace is famous for being Switzerland's oldest nightclub; for such a prestigious location, only the most opulent furnishings would do. It is vibrant and glamourous with a mixture of metal touches and velvet finishings.

Heads & Tails

Heads and Tails is two bars in one - with a light and airy upstairs venue and a moody and sultry atmosphere in the downstairs venue. The interiors have their own distinct flavours matched by bespoke cocktail menus.

Sky Gardens

Sky Gardens, in the renowned 'Walkie Talkie' building that graces London's famous skyline, encapsulates the top three floors of the building that draws in tourists and locals alike. It is exquisitely decorated with neutral tones and pieces sympathetic to the expansive glass windows and panoramic view.