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Wood, when taken good care of, can last an incredibly long time. A pliable material, able to be crafted in hundreds of ways and into a variety of objects throughout its lifetime, wood is the perfect example of a resource which can be given another life without harming the environment.

As it becomes more and more important that we protect our environment, people in design are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We'd like to share with you some beautiful table tops we've found made exclusively from reclaimed wood.

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Upcycled-wood-tops-0316-1000px.jpg#asset:171373In our showroom - Reclaimed wood tops

Knowing how best to select sustainable woods can seem like a minefield. Here are a few key points to look out for:

  • FSC wood - The Forest Stewardship Council can trace where all certified wood is from. If a product is made from trees, check for this label to ensure it's sustainable.
  • Pick an alternative - Bamboo and Rattan are a great alternative to wood as it's fast growing and easily replenished.
  • Cork is another sustainable wood alternative as the harvesting process doesn't require the felling of any trees.
  • Choose locally sourced - You can reduce your carbon emissions by choosing wood from somewhere near by.
  • Recycled! - There are loads of beautiful options when it comes to recycling wood, here are a few of our favourites, made in the UK...

Up-cycling for sustainability, these table tops are made in the UK and use FSC certified recycled wood. Each one is unique and is available in a range of sizes and hand painted in your choice of colours -

Solid wood top - Windmill


The eye catching Windmill top is hand painted

Solid wood top - Ribbons


Full to the top with character

Solid Wood top - Board Games


Never be bored at the dinner table with this playful selection of table tops

Ultra cool and made in Britain with recycled wood chips from local saw mills. These resourceful Timber Terrazzo table tops are all one of a kind and made to measure in bespoke colour ranges...

Timber Terrazzo


Timber terrazzo is made using recycled wood chips

A gorgeous design made using different colours of reclaimed pallet timber and laid together to create the chevron pattern, the reclaimed Chevron table top is certainly a distinctive looking piece.

Reclaimed Wood top - Chevron

Reclaimed-chevron-table-top.jpg#asset:179194:urlChevron wood top- made using recycled pallet timber

We're always on the look out for sustainable environmentally friendly pieces to furnish your projects, from laid back bars to boutique hotels and are always updating our website with the latest eco furniture trends. Watch this space...

Browse our collection of reclaimed wood table tops here >>

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