Bowls Restaurant

Café & Restaurant

Set back slightly off the streets of Soho, Bowls is a restaurant that has built its style and its menu on dishes that work best in the crockery that gave it its name, the simple bowl. Offering layers of flavours from South America, the Caribbean and South East Asia, Bowls creates a cosy environment in which you can enjoy your meal at any time of the day enveloped within the flavours of your pho, jerk chicken or coconut curry.

Working with Cantor Masters, Inside out provided furnishings for the restaurant from the outdoor seating and tables to the interior stools and bases. Using sustainable materials such as recycled wood allow Bowls to relay their message that the best things in life are passed around and shared in a laid back undemanding way.

Cantor Masters

Soho, London

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Web Minsk Stool Four Legged Stool With Slipper Cups And Brass Foot Ring
Minsk four stool
Web Ice Cube Square Square Center
Ice Cube Square - square table base
Web Table Base Flip Top
Flip Top table base
Web Tripod Low Soft Stool
Tripod low soft stool
Web Tripod Stool 1
Tripod soft stool