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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Cotswolds lies Calcot & Spa, a haven of tranquillity and luxury. Inside Out Contracts had the privilege of contributing to two of its latest gems: the serene Calcot Spa relaxation area and the contemporary yet cosy Grain Store.

Stepping into the Calcot Spa relaxation area is like entering a sanctuary of serenity. Despite the grey skies outside, the warmth of fires and the inviting lounge areas beckon visitors to unwind. The natural colour scheme, with soft green walls and wooden-framed upholstered furniture, seamlessly blends with the tranquil ambiance. Inside Out Contracts' Nature 2 seater sofa, Pivot Armchair, Eve Lounge Chair, Bellini Lounge Chair, Chaise, and Austin table adorn the space, complemented by exquisite Nina Campbell fabric cushions. It's a testament to elegance and comfort, inviting guests to indulge in moments of bliss.

From the tranquil spa, a journey through Calcot Manor unveils the charming Grain Store, a blend of traditional Cotswold stone and modern design. The café area exudes warmth and openness, with ample natural light streaming through large windows. Here, Inside Out's Cradle Armchair, Dicaprio Lounge Chair, Bell Table base, and reupholstered banquette seating create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and casual gatherings. Further exploration leads to the contemporary Grain Store gym and fitness area, where the Angle lounge chair welcomes visitors in the reception area. Upstairs, bespoke pieces in soft hues add a touch of modern elegance, completing the holistic experience of Calcot & Spa's offerings.

Calcot & Spa epitomises the perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary luxury. Whether seeking rejuvenation at the tranquil spa or pursuing fitness goals in the modern gym, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. Inside Out Contracts' contributions to both the Calcot Spa and the Grain Store exemplify their commitment to elevating hospitality spaces with exquisite furniture.

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