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Pachamama East

Café & Restaurant

Pachamama East places significance on four main pillars: food, service, decor and ambience. The Pachamama team have achieved excellence in food and service and Inside Out has provided furniture that adheres to the latter ambitions. The furnishings have accomplished something that lives up to the Deistic name of 'Pachamama' - the Peruvian goddess Mother Earth.

The Peruvian-inspired bar has been infused with a montage of wicker, wood and leather to match the mixture of rustic and modern charm of the earthenware dishes, geometric tiles and festoon lighting. The plates are a riot of colour, so the furniture intends to accompany that in an understated fashion with more muted colours such as brown, heather and rich forest green that match the abundant greenery on display.

Carrara round marble tables on Bell bases match the circles in the floor tiles to great effect and add an alternative shape to the square wooden tables. Our bespoke buckle leather banquette seating offers a unique touch to the interior with huge amounts of craftsmanship and style.

Pachamama Restaurant
Shoreditch, London
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