In the Know | Upholstery Guide — Faux and Synthetics

- May 18, 2021

Why choose a synthetic fabric? Well, they are purposefully designed to suit their needs; they are made to be durable and easy to clean and so are a very practical choice. We offer several synthetic and faux materials which you can read about below and we have a blog dedicated to those that include polyester as an element here. To read about real leather as an alternative click here. To read about real suede as an alternative click here.

Our Collection

Faux Suede


Range: B
Composition: 100% polyester
Rub Test: 40,000
Other Features: Water Repellent | Stain & Soil Resistant

The Mezzola faux suede is a high-tech synthetic material available in a wide width. Its expressive colour range makes it a great choice for various venues to suit different aesthetics. The material is washable so great for contract use.

Faux Leather


Composition: 100% PVC
Rub Test: 100,000
Other Features: Antisoiling | Antibacterial

A functional material treated with antibacterial and antifungal processes so that it has top performance for high contract usage. It is made to bring out the vibrancy in its wide range of colours available.


Mardi Gras

Range: A
Composition: 85% PVC + 15% Cotton
Rub Test: 120,000
Other Features: Antibacterial | Antifungal | Scuff resistant | Easy to Clean

A faux leather vinyl range with a wide choice of vibrant colours and high-performance features. The PVC element makes it highly resistant to damage giving the material great longevity and the cotton brings that natural element to its composition.


Range: B
Composition: PVX/PU/Acrylic
Rub Test: 350,000
Other Features: Antimicrobial | Stain Resistant | Waterproof | Latex Free

The Cadet vinyl is a top choice for healthcare locations because of its many high-tech features. Its composition, using the ultra high-performance material PVX, results in high scratch resistance. It is available in several patterned colours.


Range: B
Composition: PVC/PU Blend
Rub Test: 350,000
Other Features: Antimicrobial | Stain Resistant | Waterproof

The Aston collection sports an inspiring colour palette in smart bright options. It's easily cleaned so great for contract environments.