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To break down the way our upholstery system works we are putting together upholstery guide blog posts that simply explain the types of material and the specific options that we offer.
For each material, there is a fact file split into range/composition/rub test and other features. To understand the fact files on each fabric read the below.

Fabric Ranges

At Inside Out Contacts, we are able to specify and upholster furniture from any fabric you desire providing it is suitable for commercial use. We also offer great price-matched quality-focused ranges to help guide and simplify the ordering process; it’s as easy as A, B, C.

Our Range A fabrics are the most cost-effective options available. This carefully selected range features true value for money contract fabrics in large colourways that do not compromise on quality.

Our Range B fabrics offer high-quality options still at a cost-effective price. Each fabric has been chosen on its superior suitability and performance for contract use.

Our Range C fabrics showcase a premium selection of fabrics available from the Inside Out standard range, whilst still representing a great price match quality.


The elements that make up each fabric are gauged in a percentage - some materials like leather are 100% real leather, other materials like vinyl are a combination of percentages such as 85% PVC and 15% cotton.

Rub Test

The rub test delineates the durability of a fabric. It is carried out by a machine vigorously rubbing the fabric until it shows signs of wear and tear. It counts the number of 'rubs' until this happens. Therefore the higher the rub count, the more durable the fabric. Light use only needs a rub count of 10,000+, with 20,000+ for medium use and 30,000+ for high commercial use. The higher the rub test the better the longevity of the product.

Fire Retardancy Rating

In the UK all material used on furniture must pass a Crib 5 fire retardancy rating test, therefore we only supply materials that have this certification. To read more about how a fire retardancy test works click here.

Other Features

Aquaclean Technology
This is a fabric protector technology applied to fabrics so that they can be cleaned merely with water and so prevents staining.

Scuff Resistant
If a material is scuff resistant it shouldn't mark when knocked or bashed.

Safe Front Hygiene Protector
This is an ecological and harmless protector against mites, fungi and bacteria.

Antibacterial / Antifungal / Antimicrobial
These are all fairly self-explanatory terms, yet they all work against different microorganisms and so may be applied to the same fabric.

Waterproof / Water Repellent
If a material is waterproof it is impervious to water, if it is water repellent it is not easily penetrated by water due to a surface coating.

Some of our materials have a specified guarantee which ensures that any damage that occurs to them can be resolved.

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