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Woven fabrics are one of the two main types of manufacturing processes historically. Using natural materials sometimes combined with synthetics for bonus features, they create an unrivalled warmth and softness. We have a few collections of wool and felt to choose from.

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Range: C
Composition: 100% Virgin Wool
Rub Test: 50,000

A pure wool with a classic billiard cloth felted finish. Made from premium responsibly-farmed New Zealand lambswool, it is available in a full-colour palette that spans the entire spectrum.

Lana Aquaclean

Range: C
Composition: 50% polyester + 35% polyamid + 15% nylon
Rub Test: 250,000
Other Features: Aquaclean Technology | Stain Resistant Safe Front Hygiene Protector

This is a smart wool. Its clever technology allows it to be easily cleaned with water, making it appropriate for high-intensity contract environments such as healthcare.


Mainline Plus

Range: B
Composition: 67% wool + 33% flame retardant viscose
Rub Test: 90,000
Other Features: 5 year guarantee

A very popular seating fabric with an extensive colour range. It is a versatile plain weave that offers a smart appearance.


Range: B
Composition: 69% wool + 22% flax + 8% polyamide + 1% viscose
Rub Test: 100,000
Other Features: 10 year guarantee

Taking inspiration from nature, the Patina collection achieves beauty and performance. It features white flecks from its flax content that results in an attractive natural hue.


Range: C
Composition: 60% virgin wool + 40% true hemp
Rub Test: 50,000

A blend of wool and hemp that evokes natural beauty. It is a sustainable material with an uncorrected finish that adds uniqueness in multi-tonal colouration.

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