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As we look forward to coming out of hibernation and adjusting to the new normal we have to begin to think about the changes that will need to be made along the way. For spaces previously designed to maximise covers the new social distancing measures mean the layout of some restaurants and cafes may need to be restructured.

With Government now suggesting that hospitality spaces may begin to reopen from July now is the time to review current spaces to ensure compliance with the guidelines set out in response to Covid 19.

A well designed space has always been a balance of many, often conflicting variables. From a restaurant that wants to maximise covers without affecting the overall ambience, to a large Hotel reception that is segmented for the multiple functions it serves; the placement and selection of furniture is vital. Now as we continue to fight against this virus there are new requirements to be implemented.

What changes need to be made?

The 2 meter social distancing protective measure is something we have all experienced; whether it out walking in the park or queuing to get into your local Supermarket. This has been well adopted by the public and something we expect to continue to be required as dining and social spaces reopen.

We expect to see shared tables to be segmented with spacing and protective screens and larger tables kept to a minimum. Individual tables are to be laid out at a distance of 2 meters if possible, with surplus chairs and tables removed.

Maximising the Space

While being compliant with the distancing we'll still want to ensure our spaces are being fully utilised. Maximising covers and not impeding the flow of a space are still important and planning ahead can help.

Our in-house Design team are able to create 2D and 3D Space plans (yes, even for existing spaces!) to minimise the heavy lifting and maximise the space. Reviewing the current furniture and layout we will be able to work with you to rearrange the space.

Getting Outdoors

We have been told that outdoor environments are to be utilised where possible to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. As we move into the summer months now is the time to make the most of exterior seating areas. Check out our Exterior collection >>

Where to next?

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