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Table Size Guide

Table Size Guide (based on side chairs)

Why Size Matters

Maximise your space plan covers with confidence by understanding table sizes. Our table size guide has been created with drawings created by our design department to give you detailed, colourful visuals to help you easily understand table sizes and covers. With our table guide you will be able to confidently select the right table size and number of seats for your venue. The outcome being a hospitality venue that has maximum covers for its venue type, whilst still offering comfort for those drinking and dining.

What is the Character of the Venue?

Take into consideration the personality of this hospitality venue. Are you space planning for a fine dining restaurant or a cozy cafe? For a cozy cafe you might allow mimimum space allowance for a person of around 600 sq mm. For a lavish fine dining area you might allow up to 2000 sqmm. However, most dining areas sit in the middle.

Our Stool Height Guide has some useful space planning diagrams if you have a bar area.

Side Chair or Armchair

Please note, our table size guide is based on side chairs and not armchairs.

As each type of chair can vary in size, please do speak to our design team who can offer a space planning service, if you are unsure if your preferred table size and chairs, will allow you the number of covers you require.

Lets Talk About Shape

Before we leap in and talk about size, let's consider the shape. Most standard tables will fit into one of the 3 below shapes:

  • square
  • round
  • rectangle

A square table offers a venue maximum flexibility as the tables can be used alone (for two people) or pushed together to enable larger groups.

Round tables also have some great benefits as a round table does offer more flexibility. This is because it's easier to add additional chairs and squeeze in an extra person when required.

Many hospitality venues require a combination of shapes and sizes of tables depending on the space available.

Standard Table Top Sizes for Hospitality Venues

When it comes to square tables, the standard measurements for the width of tables are as below:

  • Small - 600 X 600mm (suitable for 2 people)
  • Medium - 700 x 700mm (suitable for 2 people)
  • Large - 900 X 900mm (suitable for 4 people)

For round tables, the standard measurements for the diameter of tables are as below:

  • Small - 700mm diameter (suitable for 2 people)
  • Medium - 900mm diameter (suitable for 4 people)
  • Large - 1200mm diameter (suitable for 6 people)

For rectangle tables, the standard measurements for depth and width of tables are:

  • Small - 600 X 1100mm (suitable for 4 people)
  • Medium - 900 x 1400mm (suitable for 6 people)
  • Large - 700 x 1700mm (suitable for 6 people)

However, sometimes, when you sit down with your space plan, the measurements you require might not fit into standard sizes. We can manufacture almost any size to suit your unique requirements, just call+44 (0)208 305 3130 to discuss!

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Download Our Table Size Guide

Maximise your space plan covers with confidence through understanding table sizes.

Do you have a question?

If you have any further questions regarding table sizes and covers, please do contact us and we would be delighted to assist you.

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