Trend | Stack it Store it Save it

- Jan 05, 2021

Want to invest in exterior furniture for the summer months that can be stored away easily in the winter? Our catalogue holds a host of practical furniture solutions with varying features to make this possible. Storing away furniture in the winter months is one way of protecting it from the elements and ensuring its long-lasting life.


We supply not only side chairs that are stackable, but also armchairs, sofas, tables, and bar stools. The most effective solution for saving space; this hack allows you to utilise vertical space that normally goes to waste, as well as horizontal space.


Though you may be familiar with the folding chair, you may not be familiar with the folding table. Folding, or flipping, is an innovative solution for saving space when it comes to storing away furniture and is the perfect solution for if you want to keep your tables and chairs out in the summer and store it away in the winter. We have a variety of options in our catalogue that suit different aesthetics. Take a look at our Folding furniture options here.


Some tables that we supply have been cleverly manufactured so that their design incorporates a slotting mechanism in the feet which enables tables to be slipped together neatly without detracting from the overall style.