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Join the trendy, high culture design club, turning otherwise ordinary fixed banquette seating into a sumptuous masterpiece; some resembling finger biscuits. Yum!


In other words, banquette seating isn't always the centerpiece of an interior moodboard. But of late, the stalemate for increasing covers and saving budgets has been imbued with a sense of playfulness and heightened creativity.

Introducing the finger flute. An enlarged, broader take on fluted banquettes. From restaurants to hotel lounges, find some creative flute inspiration from the projects below.

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Candy coloured finger-esque fluted banquette seating features at the Breadway Bakery, Odessa. Providing the groundwork for the interior's colour palette, the banquettes pick and mix colours and textures, some set against a brass metal backdrop.

Designed by Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak.

Fluted-Banquette-Seating-Finger-Flutes-Chandon Vineyard 0912

Fluted-Banquette-Seating-Finger-Flutes-Chandon Vineyard 0911

Fluted-Banquette-Seating-Finger-Flutes-Chandon Vineyard 0910

Fluted-Banquette-Seating-Finger-Flutes-Chandon Vineyard 0908

An award winning interior at Aussie wine label Chandon's vineyard in the Yara Valley oozes modern design and comforts with fluted banquettes in varying styles anchoring the design scheme. In contrasting seat and back, leather and fabrics the fixed seating alternates from horizontal flutes in green to broad finger flutes in earthy tones.

Designed by Foolscap Studio. Photography by Tom Blanchard.

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Bates Smart Interiors 01

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Bates Smart Interiors 02

A smart breakout area for those working at legal practice Dibbs Barkers, Sydney. The opalescent teal upholstered banquette features enlarged flutes, offering sumptuous seating for staff and a pinterest-worthy position in the office.

Designed by Bates Smart. Photography by Mark Roper.



Super cute, but functional booths with broad almost semi-circular flutes for the upholstered backrest. Complete with a fixed turned table, this stop and go coffee shop for Toby Estates in Sydney is easy on the eyes.

Designed by Tate Studio, Architecture by Woods Bagot.

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Aqua Restaurant 01

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Aqua Restaurant 02

Dreamy, pillowy upholstered flutes in the booths and banquette seats set the high-design benchmark for this modern Italian restaurant. Finished with exposed backs and paired with tubular metal frames finished in brass.

Designed by Simple Simon Design.

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Hotel Paradis Paris 01

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Hotel Paradis Paris 02

Hotel Paradis Paris includes amongst its design influences, Charles Eames and today's contemporary designer Jamie Hayon. The finger flutes on the hotel's lounge seating features throughout the hotel, doubling its act for the guestroom headboards.

Designed by Dorothee Meilichzon.

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Margarita Bistro

Fluted Banquette Seating Finger Flutes-Margarita Bistro

Making a feature of it, the upholstered banquette seating at Margarita Bistro in Moscow arches its way up the wall with two broad flutes.

Designed by Sundukovy Sisters Studio.

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