Project Recap | Education and Workplace

Recent Projects
- Apr 06, 2021

Continuing our project recaps - have a read about our education and workplace projects here. We are continuously updating our catalogue of workspace furniture and below are a few of our favourite case studies in that category:

MPC Sky Bar

MPC Sky Bar is an office space that we are in awe of. It provides a hub for socialising and entertainment for the Moving Picture Company injecting colour and style with deluxe leather features.

UAL, Central Saint Martins

UAL, Central Saint Martins is a hub of creatives and design enthusiasts. It is only right that their surroundings reflect the creativity that they themselves harness. Splashes of colour and pattern grace the furniture resulting in a social space for all.

DesignLSM Head Office

DesignLSM Head Office is situated in Brighton. Design-based companies need design-led offices and this head office is no exception. It hosts sophisticated and contemporary meeting rooms with a black and white colour scheme that allows decorative pieces to take centre stage.

WMS Food Hall, University of Birmingham

WMS Food Hall at The University of Birmingham injects a fun use of colour with bright yellow and turquoise. Appointed designers brought us on board to create an inspiring and inventive catering space.