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- Mar 23, 2021

Project Recap - the Café edition! We would love to go and sit, relax and enjoy a cake and a coffee in one of these airy, atmospheric cafés. These are some of our favourite designs from the category:


Spicer + Cole feel that great coffee and great cake needs a great location to be savoured. The light-filled space at Finzels Reach is welcoming and airy.

Gail's Bakery, Wanstead

Gail's Bakery, Wanstead enjoys a distressed warmth with its mixture of mosaic, brick and wooden flooring. Each Gail's is unique in its design and we have furnished several of them.

1882 Café, Barkers

1882 Cafe is situated in Barkers Department Store of Northallerton. It is the perfect place to stop mid-shop for a cake and a coffee whilst enjoying the airy decor and blue and green tones.

Stir Cambridge Café

Stir Cambridge prides itself on community, dubbed as a social hub for the neighbourhood. It is characterised by a light-filled Nordic style interior.