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Transforming Venues with Perfect Pieces

Bespoke products are unique. Each high-quality product is designed for a specific venue looking to create a specific look. The below pieces started as furniture designs and were created with quality materials to transform commercial venues.

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3D Space Planning

Discover our 3D space planning service. The below examples are from the Trinity College project for their dining room and common room.

What is bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is also known as custom-made furniture and can be any furniture made specifically for your hospitality venue. In a restaurant, bespoke furniture could be fixed seating such as banquette seating but it can also be any loose furniture items such as tables, chairs and stools.

Design Visuals | What you can expect

Our bespoke furniture design service is renowned in the industry for providing colour visuals, when it is standard practice by most to produce black and white. With excellence in bespoke design at the forefront of the Inside Out experience, we can outline the visuals creation process in 5 stages:

  1. Space Plan | This can be provided by an architect, interior designer or by our design department
  2. Technical Drawings | Once measurements have been taken, technical drawings can be created
  3. CAD Ideation | This is usually done around the same time as the technical drawings
  4. Final Visuals | once fabrics and materials have been selected the final visuals are provided in colour
  5. AR Model | A QR code is provided with the final visuals to allow you to view the AR model in the venue, to help enable you to make your furniture selection with confidence. If you would like to test an AR model please click here.

The below video shows the stages of buying banquette seating, including the production, delivery and installation stages.

Snake banquette 5
Standard Design Visuals
Snake banquette 6
New Additional Design Visual Service.

Lets get started

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1. Lets discuss your idea

Let’s chat about your ideas, budgets and timescales.
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Our team of designers will draft your concept ready for manufacturer.
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3. Order & Manufacture

We ensure that your product is sustainably produced to the highest standard.
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4. Finish Your Project

Your furniture will arrive as promised

Furniture Designs Made Simple

At Inside Out Contracts we know you are the kind of person who wants to create a hospitality venue that stands out in a way that you are proud of and fits within the company brand. You know that you can give the community a venue that they can enjoy with their friends, family and colleagues. A venue that is ingrained and included into their way of life.

You have decided to refurbish your venue. Perhaps because this is a new site, or perhaps because the company has rebranded. Whateverthe the reason, you know you will need contract furniture that fits your design. The problem is you have a clear idea of what you want, but starting to search for contract furniture can feel overwhelming when you start to search on the internet for options and you just want to have the confidence that whatever furniture you invest in, is going to look great, fit into the space and be within budget.

We believe in great design for contract furniture being simple and giving you the control and freedom to have exactly what you want. Bespoke commercial furniture gives you the freedom to create the pieces you can imagine working, in the shape, size, colour or textile you want.

Here is how it works:

1. Lets discuss your idea. We will ask you about your ideas, timescales and budget. No matter how big or small your concept, we will meet each new idea with enthusiasm and offer you options, helping you to discover a fully-fledged idea that fits in with your needs and desires. A member of our team will be able to guide you through different options to make your concept into a reality. We aim to meet all the criteria of your brief from budget to delivery date.

2. Design & Develop. With your options finalised and budget confirmed, we get to the good part; the design. Our team of designers will draft your concept ready for manufacture; they will produce a range of deliverables such as manufacturing drawings that include realistic visuals. Once the design deliverables are received, we are ready to discuss any amendments or queries that you have, no matter what they might be. Here, we can discuss potential issues with site, budget, sizing, comfort etc.

3. Order & Manufacture. Your bespoke commercial furniture order is sent to the manufacture and an install date will be given to you. We ensure that your product is sustainably produced to the highest standard.

4. Finish Your Project. Your furniture will arrive as promised and your project is complete

So call today and you can stop scrolling through the internet feeling uncertain about which product to choose and ending up with furniture which might not fit or just look wrong. Speak to Doug who will help you to create the furniture which looks great and is a perfect fit, so that your hospitality venue can transform into the great space you know it is and will be, in the way that you can imagine standing out and feeling comfortable for many.

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Arun Chalotra
Senior Designer

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